Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Free Total Rewards Credit with Social Rewards!

What is Total Rewards?

Total Rewards is the premier rewards/loyalty program with Harrahs Caesar's entertainment. Total Rewards opens up a world of choices and experiences at nearly 40 resorts and casinos. We make sure that you are rewarded in the ways that you want. With innumerable entertainment options, enticing special offers, and an almost infinite choice of rewards, Total Rewards puts you in charge and lets you earn and redeem credits in ways that matter to you.

It is FREE to sign-up! In fact, it pays to sign-up. I barely gamble at any Caesar's properties, but I always end up staying at one of their lower-end resorts FREE. I can always count on a bi-weekly email from total rewards with comp'ed hotel stay PLUS dining or gaming credit at the Quad, Harrah's, Flamingo, or Rio hotels. Are these the best hotels? Of course not; but when I go to Vegas, I go to gamble, see shows and experience the nightlife. I'm not looking to spend the entirety of my vacation in a hotel room! 3 of these hotels right in the center of the strip, and are great access points to get anywhere else you need to. 

How can I get free Total Reward's credit, without spending any money?

Here's a handy, 7 step guide!

Step 1: Do you have a Total Rewards Account?  

-Yes? Make sure you have your Total Rewards number handy: you'll need it for redemption! You can find this number on your players' card, or on the bottom of any email sent to you from total rewards!

-No? Its FREE to sign-up. You MUST be 21+ to sign-up with Total Rewards. If you are not yet 21, you can still collect social rewards, but you cannot cash them out until you have a total rewards account! 

Make a Total Rewards account for everyone in your family, so they can advantage of free hotel stays, and free credit with the social rewards program! Additionally, once you're signed-up here, you can avoid signing up in person, and just go straight to a total rewards stand at any Harrah's casino to pick up your player's card! Your reward's credit will already be loaded onto the card. You can also start receiving email deals ASAP!
Step 2: Do you have a Facebook and Twitter Account? 

- Yes; I have both: Continue on!

- No, I am missing one/both: Make a profile with the social media channel you are missing! Your social reward's account will be posting on your behalf frequently. In the case of Facebook; You may make these posts visible to "only me." This way, you can still get points, and make posts without spamming your friends! In the case of twitter; more points can be obtained by posting with Twitter than with Facebook!
Step 3:  Are you a member of Social Rewards?  

Yes? Skip down to step three!

-No? Sign-up with Social Rewards!  DO NOT DO ANYTHING BEYOND SIGNING UP! This blog will help you maximize the amount of points you receive on the first day you sign up!

You do not have to be 21 to sign up with Social RewardsAs a result, if you're looking to just save up some money/points before your big birthday, you can! However, the cash out process can take up to 30 days, so if you're looking to use these points during your birthday weekend, you may have to link them to someone else's Total Rewards card before the trip. Before very careful when doing this, and before to read the terms of service to avoid getting frozen!

Protip: Bookmark the Social Rewards page! You'll be visiting quite often! 

Step 4: Link your Social Media channels to your Social Rewards profile!

Make sure you are connected to both Facebook and Twitter. When both say Service Available , click on the Home button. If your twitter doesn't say "Service Available" you will need to gain more twitter followers, and wait for your account to age a little bit before trying again. As of now, it is unknown how many days/follows a twitter account needs before being able to connect.


Step 5: Understand the Rules and how to Navigate.

Social Rewards only allows you to share up to 3 items TOTAL per day. This count can be found at the top right hand side of the page, and refreshes at midnight daily.  However, there are some exceptions to this. 

Retweet Rewards, Tube Rewards, and Connect Rewards DO NOT take away from your daily share count. 

However, each item on Social Rewards can only be done once (unless otherwise specified). Therefore, it is in your best interest to complete these items for EACH HOTEL/REWARDS network FIRST. There are a total of 9 Pages (8 hotels, and the Total Rewards main page), each with its own set of rewards. Once you finish the Retweet, Tube and Connect Rewards for each page, you should have upwards of 2000 points. This equals $20!
Step 6: Pick 3 shares to complete daily! 

Q & A rewards pay out the most at 50 points each share. It is recommended that these are done first as to be maximize the amount of points you receive. Additionally, its worth looking weekly to see if there are any new Retweet, Tube or Connect rewards. Retweet Rewards change most frequently of this group. Create a shortcut to, or bookmark this page, and your social rewards site page for easy access!

Q&A Rewards

Step 7: REDEEM, Enjoy and SHARE!

You may only redeem points in increments of 1000. Therefore you must have at least 1000 (not pending) points to redeem your credit onto your rewards card! These do not all need to be with 1 hotel/network; You are allowed to combine networks to make a redemption. Please note that it can take anywhere between 10-30 days for these credits to apply onto your total rewards card.

There are MANY things you can do with your Reward Credits. Almost any transaction that takes place on a Harrah's property can be paid for with Total Rewards Credit Points. Even if you are not using your points, be sure to always show your Total Rewards Card: you never know when you'll be able to get MORE points on transactions or get a discount! Personally, I always charge everything to my hotel room, and then collect points/credit during my trip. Once I check-out and head home, I clear out my card and use my points to pay as much as my bill as possible! Additionally, you may be able to get the Casino to remove resort fees, or other charges, depending on how much you played during your stay.


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